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Bowls Game

Listen to a Bowls Midnight Mastermind Broadcast live on Radio 2
just press the triangle 

Oj_borg[1]Radio 2 OJ Borg 20 Jan 2023
00:00 / 06:17

Bowls has
a "format"
for Everyone

Space aged Promotion
of Bowls & ALL
formats of  Bowls


Since 2014

Bowls Fit TM Concept 2.png
Proud to Work with
Alex meeting the members of the and in the Park #UPTHEPARK.jpg
Darlington South Park Bowls Club
Bowls Fit TM Concept 2.png
Working to Make ALL Bowls Fit®  for the FUTURE

A great way to generate interest in any Bowls Club to have the team come along to talk and play Bowls.

Alex Marshall MBE is a great UK & Worldwide Bowls Icon who

just "loves Bowls promoting or competing"

D Very Professional and smart with our special guest Well done.JPG

Daventry Indoor Bowls Club (right video) Directors, local Mayor and a club coach talk about the club on the day of  "The Alex Marshall MBE Masterclass" (left picture)

210924 Manor School Alex Bowling
did i wash my hair

It all started with bowlsDAVENTRY
             "THE LAUNCH"             "Warning Tom's about"

Radio Northampton the launch of Bowls Daventry
00:00 / 03:54
150611 Radio Northampton 8.20am Mike Robins
00:00 / 07:01
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