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Get Involved

Anyone, anywhere

Anyone of any age or ability can get involved with Bowls. You don't have to have any experience or knowledge to get involved.


You may just want to join and help out with the running of your local club, or simply turn up and play or maybe become a playing member and get stuck in to the local competitions - it's great fun! 

Whatever you decide - BiB makes it simple to understand and get involved!

Just be a member & support your local Bowls club

BECOME A MEMBER! Simply just help with the day to day running of the club, and enjoy the social activities and make new friends.

Even local MP's have a go!

TURN UP AND PLAY! Perhaps you just want to give it a go and see, or maybe you just want to turn up and play when ever you feel like it.

Tim Mason - Lawn Bowling

PLAY FOR YOUR CLUB! Why not join your local club and get involved in the exciting competitive world of Bowls.