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Bowls is Bowls - the conception BowlsDAVENTRY™

It all started with Mark Courtney who was invited to become a volunteer/ employee of Bowls England "BE" as 'The Devil's advocate Grassroots bowler'.

After a year on the Operational Steering Committee "OSC" Mark met a 'Wagging Finger' from Jeff Applegate a Director of Bowls England "BE" & Chair of the Bowls England "BE" who asked Mark to run a project to attract new members into Bowls. This then moved onto a glint in the eye of Tony Allcock OBE the Chief Executive of "BE" at the next "OSC" meeting and a simple comment from Mark 'That's not what the minutes say'.

It was then agreed that Mark would run a project to increase Bowls Club membership. Mark went away to form bowlsDAVENTRY™ to promote Bowls as one sport with ALL Daventry's Bowls Clubs

  • Daventry Town Bowls Club (Outdoor Lawn Bowls )

  • Daventry Tigers Bowls Club (Outdoor Lawn Bowls )

  • Daventry Indoors Bowls Club ( Indoor Lawn Bowls )

  • Community Centre Short Mat club (Short Mat Bowls Club)

The inaugural bowlsDAVENTRY™ was held at the lovely pub/ chippy in Norton with 3 members from Daventry "Tigers" and 3 members from the "Town". This first meeting agreed to form bowlsDAVENTRY™ and the project and project team was born with Mark as Project Manager "Tigers" and Mike "Town" as Chair. Mark went and agreed with the local Council to link the launch with the following

Many e-mails, phone calls, pleading for help later the first event took place on Bowen square which was a BDA roadshow where the Amazon pickup locker now is using the JUST ONE campaign branding from the Bowls Development Alliance "BDA"

Local MP Chris Heaton-Harris came along and as a keen sportsman himself was keen to support and understand bowlsDAVENTRY™. Thus is Chris talking with Ian Litchfield the Disability Bowls ambassador with Duggie Mitchel "Town" looking on. To read more about Chris's discussions please click here

With interest created the team now moved onto the official BowlsDAVENTRY™ launch at "The Town" with a game against the Rugby Bowling Association for the "Tony Deane Trophy". Both Chair Mike and Project Manager Mark we delighted to see the "Tigers" and "Town" flags flying from the same flag pole.

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