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Bowls Three Wishes - Welcome all, Surfaces & Governance

1. "The surface is the same for both Teams/ Bowlers"

  • Play the surface you have and maybe recognize the work done/ money spent to give us all the ability to play bowls AND maybe thank the club/ organizers/ venue for their work so we can all #JUSTplayBOWLS

"Think about how negative comments affect potential/ new bowlers"

2. Governance / "Cost of Living Crisis" - Its "Grassroots" bowlers who pay the salaries.

Does your club use your Bowls Format's National Governing Body or the Sport England funded About - Bowls Development Alliance as a resource/ support?

As a bowler/ club member, could you do more to help your local club to save costs?

Do you know others in your local community who would love to join as a bowler/ social member and or help out at your bowls club as a volunteer.

Some Clubs / Facilities provide FREE BOWLING sessions at times people are available as part of their local community e.g. young families, juniors.

There is a lot of financial support available does your club know how to access that support?

3. Make a Bowls club a welcoming place with a supportive culture

The feedback we receive is just one member can mean your clubs loses/ does not attract new members.

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