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Does UK Bowls need a PARDIGM SHIFTING CHANGE in CULTURE from the Top?

Article from Mark Courtney Director of Boul Traders Limited 13 January 2023.

The issues of Governance, bullying, "Banter" have reached the mainstream media and from the feedback we get UK Bowls is not immune from these issues.

We are talking to MP's, Lawyers and Professional Bodies mainly in London as to how to facilitate this change in Bowls.

We are pleased to note there is some World Class Practice in respect of these issue within UK Bowls BUT it appears to be "Silo" based and not joined up.

As an experienced Professional and Director who has worked in many industries and Countries, "Culture" from my experience is set and defined from the TOP ie "Board Level".

We are also working to seek "Justice" in respect of 'World Series Bowls' "WSB" from 2014/ 15.

"WSB" was reported in Bowls International and a conditional license issued by World Indoor Bowls Council "WIBC".

When the work is finished a report will be issued to show the learnings UK Bowls may wish to take on board which mainly relate to Culture and Bowls Governance.

We are pleased to note "BOWLS ENGLAND BOARD APPROVE DEVELOPMENT OF COUNTIES GOVERNANCE CODE Original article Bowls England Board approve development of Counties Governance Code - Bowls England "

BUT wish to raise two questions to Bowls England.

1) Why was this NOT already in Place

2) Will this actually change the Culture of Outdoor Lawn Bowls in England?

We are pleased to formally announce we are working to make UK Bowls Fit ® for the future.

We are funding and developing a new Website to allow Bowlers across the UK of all FORMATS of Bowls to record allegations of Bullying for Independent investigation.

If you have any ideas as to how this website should be developed and or would like to be involved in its development please e-mail the support team

We very much look to Bowls Australia for guidance/ leadership and are delighted to see World Bowls is now showing an address in Australia as per its excellent website.

We wish the World Bowls new CEO Neil Dalrymple all the luck in the world to showing the leadership this great sport needs to make sure Bowls is still relevant in the 30's

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