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Radio 2 OJ's 3 Midnight Mastermind Bowls Questions

It was a pleasure to chat a load of Bowls with OJ Borg as part of the Midnight massive on Radio 2.

Who knew OJ loved Ten Pin and Crown Green Bowling. OJ showed he is a true Mastermind by correctly mentioning possibly the Greatest Of All Time namely David "The Pipe" Bryant.

And compare it to a modern superstar of bowls Nick Brett with this shot click below

The three questions were

  1. Which famous Cricketer helped found the English Bowling association in 1903?

  2. Which previous Apprentice contestant has developed a Fitness program specificly for all formats of Bowls

  3. Name one of the ongoing Podcasts available world wide.

Quotes from OJ

  1. "One of the greatest questions we ever had on midnight mastermind"

  2. "This is just making Bowls more attractive to me by the second"

  3. At some point in the future........ Let's have a game

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