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Has "HSD Zero Bowls" earnt its place on the Bowling Calendar?

“HSD Zero Bowls” is in memory of Andy Dixon a well liked bowler who sadly passed away far too soon. It was felt Andy would be full of admiration with the way this memorial game has developed.

On the right is the Title Sponsor 'House Signs Direct "HSD" ' ready to present the "Andy Dixon" Trophies whilst Club President Sue Laycock teases with the winners cheque.

The organisers wanted to THANK

(1) Title Sponsors House Signs Direct "HSD" for their AMAZING support which was key in attracting such a great quality field of bowlers.

"This was something new for us to Sponsor. It was a pleasure to be involved in a great new format of Bowls.
It significantly exceeded our expectations being great fun & great value for us as a company.

The mix of spectators, club and competitive Bowlers created an amazing atmosphere and event putting Zero Bowls, Darlington and House Signs Direct "HSD" on the Bowls Map.

(2) All the clubs who ran the qualifiers played a key part in making this a success with great greens, organisation and keeping everyone fed & watered.

(3) The players who "performed" on the Green and created the amazing atmosphere

(4) The Spectators who made it special for the players

So in answer to the question “Was the 2023 HSD Zero Bowls a success?”

We decided to look to those taking part for their thoughts

What a fantastic finals day I have had a great day just watching this caliber of players on our rinks, really friendly atmosphere, putting South Park on the map and surprised a lot of people
"Definitely encourage people to enter next season. A really good fun tournament”
"A great competition, Great fun, different and enjoyable"

"Well done on putting on such a fun event"

"Everyone involved organizers, volunteers, players and sponsors should be really proud of what they helped create

Good times, new friends and great memories

AND for those who have seen the spreadsheets and communications ‘WOW’ great job Scott "Mr Zeros" and Sue Club President at the Finals venue Darlington South Park

“Looking forward to next year”

So with the last comment in mind, Scott confirmed the planning for next year has already started with

  • the organizing committee meeting to review this years event and take on board suggestions for improvement

  • Existing sponsors and Clubs approached with the aim to continue in 2024

  • New sponsors and Clubs approached to join the "New Bowls kid on the block"

  • Scott was excited about extending the fun by taking to other parts of the country which other Tournaments may not reach out to.

"Social meets Competitive Bowls for ALL" looks forward to 2024

BELOW is a gallery of memories

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