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Is Bowls no longer the SPORT for ALL it once was?

An opinion piece to talk about "The Elephant" in the Room Affecting Crown Green Bowls, Federation Bowls and Lawn Bowls

After playing outdoor bowls for many years, I have witnessed first hand the decline in the number of people playing Bowls. I believe the deterioration in playing surfaces speed & quality "A bowl is biased" is a key contributor.

Skilled Bowls greenkeepers are expensive and declining, we are having really hot summers and yet the greens are getting slower and becomng a test of strength.

What fun is it for any player - whether novice or fierce competitor to have the skill level so dramatically reduced?

I have never considered quitting outdoor bowls until this season and have been saying for many years that greens are overwatered and counties need to be directing clubs around the speed of greens. Grass can go brown or brownish and it will generally not die.

What fun also can it possibly be for some players to struggle to reach a jack or kitty?

In my opinion, this is a clear and prevalent issue that the Outdoor National Governing Bodies "NGB's" should address.

CURRENT GREEN KEEPERS & Players who have been involved for years have so much to pass on to future generations are we losing that knowledge/ experience?

Bowls is NOT a test of strength, it never was and it never should be. These big watering tanks are the worst thing to happen to outdoor bowls in the UK as greens are being ruined literally with 'a touch of a button'.

Nobody expects outdoor bowls to be perfect but it needs an element of pace for both skill and enjoyment and this is where the governing bodies needs to step in and quickly.
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