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The "EIBA's" OSC helps showcase Clubs and players to JUST play Bowls

The 'English Indoor Bowling Association Ltd' "EIBA" Open Singles Circuit "OSC" very much passes the "Ronseal" test being OPEN for anyone to enter SINGLES Bowls Tournaments played at 23 Clubs around the country in a CIRCUIT to win cash up to circa £1,000 for the winners and smaller amounts down to the Quarter finalists. Players also earn points for a ranking list like Snooker & Darts.

The top 32 players qualify for a Grand Final played at the wonderful POTTERS all inclusive holiday resort in East Anglia.

Entry is simple via an online Competitions Portal

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The "EIBA" is responsible for the administration of the entry system and makes sure Players money is "safe" and clubs receive the entry money in one simple payment.

The draw for each event is issued in plenty of time to allow travel arrangements to be made and on arrival players register and are given either Red stickers (left side of the draw) or White stickers (right side of the draw) and details of the catering arrangements.

There are a regular group of players on the CIRCUIT so new bowlers on the tour will soon get to know "Storming Norman" Coad, whose passion for bowls and winning is infectious with his "Dreamlines".

With the quality of bowlers entering the events its a great way for club members and members of the public to come along and watch some of our bowls superstars in action AND watch and learn close up as a marker.

Its also great to see so many people watching bowls and sometimes its standing room only to watch but in that case just spend some time in the club's dining area and enjoy a drink or food from one of the excellent caterers who also support the CIRCUIT

A big thank you to those brave enough to take on the responsibility to run an event and all those helping make each event a success to "SHOWCASE" your Bowls Club "TO the WORLD"

And the final thought to the players who can dream that one day like Scott it will be them standing their to receive the "BIG" cheque

We thought it was worth sharing part of the excellent article published by the "EIBA", which to its credit and Professionalism includes some criticism of the "EIBA" with the title

"I don't regret one moment" says England star Sandy Hazell as she opens up about her bowls career on and off the green

With the kind permission of Peter Thompson Chief Executive "EIBA" we wanted to share some top tips from Sandy, for clubs in the quest to make the game more attractive and recruit new members:

1.Most clubs are private clubs, but if a stranger does walk in, we need to welcome them, talk to them and tell them about the club and the game. Let them have a go. Too often we bombard new recruits with theory and the rules. To start with just let them enjoy the actual playing and introduce the laws at a later date.

2. Initially introduce the game to them with a short sharp format for play - maybe sets. Playing for two and half hours can be daunting and far too long for new bowlers (of all ages) to keep their focus. Let's try to create a much more relaxed atmosphere generally and welcome members into our clubs.

3. Make available our facilities/meeting rooms to other organisations (businesses, schools, societies), which in turn might result in the recruitment of new members. Family days, where you can all try the sport together, would be another way of introducing the sport to a wider audience.

4. Relax certain dress codes. There is a time and a place for the correct uniform, but for example, I can't see the problem in wearing casual clothes when practising.

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