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Updated: May 6

Interview with Scott Morland "Mr Zero"

With the 'Zero Bowls Tour' now in its 2nd year we decided to "dig" a little deeper and talk to Scott Morland the person behind this exciting new Bowls Format from .

Scott explained Darlington South Park Bowls Club “DSPBC has successfully promoted junior bowls, increased diversity within its membership and provides opportunities for those with disabilities to #JUSTplayBOWLS.

Scott noted, in terms of a “Bowls Pathway” we have a number of local leagues which are happy to operate as they have done for many years without embracing new ideas such as relaxed dress code, mixed leagues, ladies leagues to meet the changing needs of what I feel is a significant number of new bowlers.

  • After many years of attending local league meetings, making proposals to promote change and positivity, to stop leagues dying; AND

  • Having looked at other new formats Barefoot Bowls, Killer bowls, Bonanza Bowls, Big Bash

I felt we needed something different.

So i decided to seek out like minded individuals/ clubs and develop something new for the thousands of Grassroots bowlers who want to "dabble" with competitive bowls.

We tried playing bowls with 4 ‘spot’ stickers with a 0, 1 , 2 and a 3 to give the bowls value.

This was the format that seemed to be enjoyed the most, so the basics for our new competition were born AND in 2022 we trialed this NEW format and called it ‘zero bowls’ and made it pairs as markers are an issue for singles.

This 2 day event was a huge success with a prize of £700 to the winners & entrants from Birmingham, Glasgow, Edinburgh and other close venues including xx20’s Peter Grantham.

Although there was a good prize pot, the emphasis was on ‘social bowls’ in the sense that all rules of dress code were barred and people could be whoever they wanted to be, relax, and bowl.

When asked for his views, Peter Grantham from xx20 the new Offical Kit supplier for Bowls Scotland said

"the format is great having played in it last year and looks to be just growing and growing and will be very interesting to see where it goes"

So with Peter's feedback in mind, Scott explained the team is now looking to expand across the country and already has many clubs involved, indoor clubs, EBF clubs, Lawn Bowls England Clubs, helping to break down the barriers between different formats of bowls to promoting the sport as one as is the vision of another of our sponsors 'Bowls is Bowls ®'

Entries as at 5 April 2023 to qualify for the finals at South Park May 21st 2023


Tradition has its place but a younger generation craves change, openness, a format for all abilities and rules which encourage participation.
By taking the best ingredients from all formats of bowls, blending them together Th Zero Bowls Tour may become a REGULAR & RELEVANT EVENT on the Bowls calendar

Scott was delighted to let us know there has already had some really enjoyable indoor events as the pictures below show

We have gone back to #JUSTplayBOWLS and have fun with people of all backgrounds and abilities.

To find out more visit our website

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