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"Bolty" comes out of Retirement to play for England

Updated: Jan 1

Sources (1) David Bolt ( article by Sian Honnor (2) David Bolt

Here at BowlsFit ® we were delighted to read the inspiration behind BowlsFit ® David Bolt has "come out" of retirement and is back playing Bowls for England.

"It might be a surprise for some to see me selected as lead for the men's England team but I am delighted to have squeezed back in playing in that position," says David Bolt.

When asked if he excited to be back playing for England David said

"I am really pleased to be part of such a fantastic team, you do not see a weakness in there at all and I can't wait to be part of it once again."

David started playing bowls aged ten, when his Dad took him down to their local club Silksworth BC playing mainly the Federation format of Bowls Home (

David soon won the South Tyneside Festival junior singles tournament which caused a few shock waves but it was his first taste of success and David recalled "I got £25 for winning & in 1988 that was like a fortune for a schoolkid giving me the impetus to carry on and do better".

Alex and Bolty at Darlington South Park Bowls Club learning how to bowl with a drainpipe

David then got an English Bowls Association under 25 trial at the age of 16 and lists his career highlights as

  1. Being National Men's Singles Champion

  2. Hong Kong International Singles Champion; and

  3. 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games medalist

David loves giving back to the sport which has given him so much and here he is with Alex Marshall MBE promoting Bowls at #UPthePARK South Park, Darlington. We reckon Alex has never felt so much pressure delivering a bowl and down a drain pipe at that.

Bolty showing Richard Nunn the leader of the old Northampton Borough Council how to Bowl

David took a "time out" from the sport after playing in the 2019 Atlantic Championships and has used the time away from the sport wisely noting

"I have got to the point where I understand that I am not going to make a living out of this sport so I am trying to get a happy balance between living and playing."

"That had taken a lot of pressure off in terms of achievements, I still want to win as much as anybody but it is not life or death- whatever I do achieve, whatever else comes will be a bonus."

David has a facbook group called Bolt Bowls which he uses to promote the great game of bowls

At the time of writing this Blog,

David's focus has turned to

preparing for Potters.

"I am really looking forward to Potters this year, it is great to get down with Paul Hartley in the pairs."

"In the singles I have a first round tie against Stewart Anderson who I played in Scotland so I will just be trying my best."

"The big drive for me is trying

to match or better the best bowlers in the World

that's a nice focus to have to try to get yourself up to that standard."


AND with David looking so slim again

we are pleased to "ANNOUNCE" David has earned

one of our new Boccia UK "pietro blu" inspired Medals

which we are hope David will treasure


For more details about the 2023

Imagine World Indoor Bowls Championships

just click below

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