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Bowls is Bowls support ‘show people what they can do’ campaign

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Bowls is Bowls was delighted to donate bowls equipment to the Reach For Health Centre in Daventry, in a bid to encourage more people to try the sport and raise awareness of the centre’s work.

The New Age Bowls and New Age Kurling score wedge will give the centre opportunities to create income and generate room hire within its recently extended building.

The Centre, which is part of the wider Daventry Health Rehabilitation Trust, takes referrals from many sources including the army, local authorities and doctors’ surgeries, but does not get any income for a referral.

Its mission is to ‘show people what they can do, not tell them what they can’t’ and to ‘treat mind and body as one’, which has a natural link with the ethos of Bowls is Bowls which aims to make bowls in all forms accessible to every community.

Founded in 2014, the organisation strives to inspire and improve the lives of people who want to have a go at bowls.

Lloyd Stonhill of Stonhills Estate Agents said: “This is a generous donation to support an amazing and key part of the Daventry Community. The Reach for Health Centres’ dedication to physical and mental health rehabilitation and active wellness is amazing and a credit to all the staff , volunteers and Trustees PROVIDING a wonderful asset to Daventry and the surrounding area.”

Mark Courtney, Bowls is Bowls Chief Executive, said: “Bowls can play a part in supporting Reach for Health with physical and mental health rehabilitation and active wellness via the many Bowls Clubs in Northamptonshire, Warwickshire and Oxfordshire. It was a pleasure to be able to bring people together to support the great work done in Daventry despite the consequences of Covid and a big thank you to those joining in person and by zoom. The positive reaction from the people at the centre who tried bowls for the first time was a timely reminder about why we care about what happens in our local community and work hard to support organisations such as The Reach for Health Centre. To hear people say: ‘when can I play again’ and ‘at the other end of the car park there is an outdoor bowling green I never knew existed’ was just brilliant.”

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Picture credit Richard Nunney

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