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Do women feel welcome in the game of Bowls?

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

Original post updated on 5 October 2022

This question is a "hot topic" at the moment as we see a desire from Governing bodies and Governments across the world to get more women regularly active in our post Covid lockdown world, with #WomenCan #SheCanSheWill.

Bowls is ideally placed to play a major part of getting women regularly active BUT does the sport have some issues to address which currently impose "glass ceiling" on how active women could be in Bowls?

Have a listen to the two podcasts from the lads at Wrong Bias

As we view Bowls as global with common issues Natasha Van Eldik is one of Australia's best at bowls has also noted noted all women have felt welcome

An interesting article which shows what can be achieved in our great game of bowls.

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